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Out of the battle

Step out of the battle.

This life is not about being right or wrong. In order to step through the veil of illusion you have be willing to surrender your right.

Be wrong.

And even then, are you willing to not even let that matter.

Right and wrong is a you against me. And this is always an illusion.

If I win, I am alone If you win, I am alone.

And my deepest longing is unity.

Step though the veil and feel the despair, the pain, the discomfort of your need to battle.

Feel it. Don’t save it. Don’t fix it.

Only then can you let life live. Your being right or wrong does not affect truth. Life is intrinsically right. You don’t need to know what is right.

Feel life, and you’ll be on your way.

Then suddenly, right will be there.

Not the right that battles wrong, the right that comes from truth.

Step out of the battle, into life.

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