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Dear one, wake up in your body! Welcome your feelings. Breathe. Give a little extra love to yourself right now.


In only half an hour a day, you can cultivate a more relaxed, positive and present attitude in yourself. The tools are simple, I'll video-guide you through simple movements,

breath and awareness exercises.

Day 1 - Grounding in & connecting to your body.

Day 2 - Deepening connection through breath.
Day 3 - Acknowledging feelings & welcoming them.
Day 4 - Embodied presence & connecting to the bigger body.
Day 5 - Self-Love through Touch - gentle self-massage.

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With love, Aranka

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Your body is your home. It is important to be home, to feel home, and to feel comfortable in your own skin. Bodywork and exercises with breathing, moving and expressing are of invaluable worth for your sense of belonging in your own body.

Day 2.png

Breath is a wonderful way to invite yourself into the present moment. Out of your head and into your body. By increasing your breathing you are allowing more air into your body, and thus more life-energy. You'll give the message to your body that being alive is great, possible and safe.

Day 3 (1).png

Our heart, and our capacity to feel is our most trustworthy compass to navigate ourselves through life. So let's open those windows and doors and let the light in! Perfect in spring time.

Day 4.png

The practice today is about cultivating the understanding of belonging to life, of saying yes to being human on this earth. Regardless of the situation we are in, it can be of great support to feel this connection to our bodies and then to the bigger body: the earth.

You need touch. We all do. And you can give it to yourself. More precisely: you are the only one who knows exactly what you like and need in this moment. Touching your body is a most gentle and accurate way to invite all parts of you into the day. Every part, also the scared, stressed and tight ones.
Doing this practice, you might be surprised how much intimacy with yourself there is to be gained.

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