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professionals die de wereld mooier maken

Met een gezamelijke missie slaan wij regelmatig de handen ineen.

Deze professionals ondersteunen jou op jouw persoonlijke weg naar vrijheid.



Sacha is a nature guide, coach and philosopher living in the Swedish wilderness. He organize nature retreats, wilderness journeys and workshops, helping people to wake up to nature’s ancient wisdom and discover their wild selves.



Sefrijn is a dj, musician, creative entrepreneur and modern mystic. A combination of technical knowledge, creative improvisation and deep sensitivity create unique experiences.



Anouk offers personal trajectories as a coach and consultant, and coordinates events. She works with the world-changers. To seriously amplify the impact their gifts have on our society. She will support and inspire you to fulfill your untapped potential, do what you love, and watch your business flourish.

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