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This practice is in English / Deze pagina is alleen in het Engels

Presence is a practice. Especially in our fast modern lives, we can cultivate presence to stay connected with our hearts, and with life itself.

Cultivating presence through bodywork is a great way to connect to the aliveness within us. Life happens IN our body. When we can connect to our inner life, it is more easy to connect to life around us. Doing a regular practice for presence is beneficial to everyone, as we all need connection to experience this life as fulfilling.

This practice is a simple standing practice. It only takes 10 minutes and is meant to guide you towards connection with yourself.
You can do this practice when you feel uncomfortable, stressed or anxious, when you want to enhance the connection to your body and breath.

Sometimes it's just wonderful to be supported. So, here you go!

Just press play and start.

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