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To come to a true place of rest, we need to be connected to ourselves.
In a fast world with active lives and busy minds, resting might be quite a challenge.

I'd like to guide you in these two bodywork sessions, to an enhanced connection with your grounding, with your body and with your breath. After a bodywork sessions, it's often much easier to find silence, to feel at ease and to feel more in sync with yourself. Bodywork helps you to regulate your nervous system, coming out of a fight/flight or freeze mode, and have easier access to a place of rest.

Why don't you give it a try?

Bodywork to me is a sacred practice, and I am more than happy to take you along.

All you need is 20 min of time and some space to move. You might wanna tell your house-mates to not worry hearing you sounding, and invite them to join in!

Ready... here you go.

Join me for these bodywork practices

First session of bodywork - energizing practice (standing)
Second session of bodywork - breathing practice (sitting)

Have you enjoyed Coming to rest?
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With love, Aranka

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