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Winds of change and separation.

Some of us, did not come here to join a system. Some of us came to step out of system. They’re the leaders of a new way. A way that tastes unfamiliar and unknown. There is a spark, a deep knowing, that is the proof that this new way is already coming into existence. It comes in hints, in subtle whiffs, and that is all we need to know that change is happening.

What we see, when a system is invited for change, is that it will resist. For, a system is designed to hold something in place, and change means the end of that container. This is why most people, that are in a system, show fear. They perceive this pushing force, the buzz, the difference in vibration. We believe that transition is the end of safety. The end of life.

Then there is you, longing with your whole being for this transition. You might get impatient. You get angry: ‘what is wrong with them!? Why can’t they just welcome the change?’

And so it appears that there are two parties: the ones that want to stay in the old, and the ones that want to move towards the new.

This is the illusion of this time. For the transition is happening of its own accord. Yes, we all came with other suitcases, loaded with different needs. Some of us, still need to learn something from the old. Some of us, have a huge longing for the new.

This is where we are. And you are asked to be present. To be patiently present with this occurring shift. You cannot push it. You cannot pull it. Trying to do so causes separation. If I am a puller and you’re a pusher, we must not be able to understand each other. But this is not true. Look at what is in between you, look at what you’re pushing or pulling at. It’s life. It’s life happening. And you both love life, otherwise you wouldn’t bother making such an effort.

It’s like this: your safety is getting the hell out of here. Some one else’s safety is in moving slowly and lingering a little in the old. Are you willing to honour everyone as your equal? You didn’t come to fight. You came to shine your light on the path that is becoming visible. Fighting is part of the old. You don’t need that anymore. So shed your pride, shed your belief of ‘better’ or ‘more developed’. You are just you, no better, no worse than anyone else. It is okay to struggle in this, just know the following: when you’re struggling, there is something to learn from this. Also you need to take your time in this shift.

Life is not happening because you make it happen. Life happens and you can allow it or not. Both is fine. The shift will happen, but it’s not you making it happen. It’s you opening, so you can walk ahead and tell the others that it is safe. You can return and say ‘look, I am still alive.’ A bit like the first man on the moon. This is what you came to do.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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