Inhere Bodywork offers online programs, to give you the
opportunity to feel and experience what bodywork can do for you.

Bodywork can help you to:

Relax into life

Connect to your body and your feelings

Feel centered and grounded

Find more trust and joy in life

These are online series by Inhere Bodywork:

Waking up (1).png

Click on the image to access the free bodywork videos of Waking up in your Body.

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Click on the image to access the free bodywork videos and guided meditations of Waking up in your body - DEEPEN & EXPAND.

Waking up in your body - free online practice

Press PLAY to watch the intro video

Press PLAY to watch the intro video

" Doing these practices to start each day was wonderful. Especialy in these times it's lovely to connect to my body. The timing of doing this was perfect for me!
It was great to fully receive and place my awareness just to myself as I often forget to put myself first. As I was guided by you in the first days my body felt a lot of appriciation. On the 5th day of practice I felt guided by my own body.
Thank you for this gift. Thank you for reminding me. I can recommend your practices to everyone who are in need of reconnecting to their body." - Mike

"I’ve done Waking up in your Body- DEEPEN & EXPAND and I have noticed an extraordinary change in my body and in myself. I feel expanded, stronger, more confident and I feel more space to allow what is moving through. Aranka has a powerful, clear and gentle loving way of guiding that feels authentic and pure. What a gift!" - Eva

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