• Aranka de Vries

Fix yourself - come to therapy

‘You can only go into coaching or therapy when the shit hits the fan. When you need serious fixing, or something is definitely wrong with you….’ Luckily many of us come to see that the above line is totally outdated.

I want to share body-oriented coaching and therapy with you as a path of self-exploration. A HUGE gift to yourself on your path of understanding who you are and who you have become.

The work I and other bodyworkers do is NOT fixing yourself up until you’re back on your old track. It is a choice to drop the old track and discover your mature path to love, connection, and truth. This writing is a ‘YAY!’ for supporting everyone on a path of self-discovery.

When you chose bodywork and coaching, you open a door to a ‘self-exploration’ process. Meaning: there is no goal to be reached. There is no successful YOU to work towards, no better version. It is about revealing: ‘look, THIS is happening for me’. And that’s where reality and clarity arise. There is no ‘over there’, or ‘reaching into the future to find your truth’. Your reality lies in the uncovering or the unveiling of that what you tell yourself.

And thus: there is no ‘getting rid’ of anything. You are not wrong and you never have been. The shedding of what we no longer need is a process that naturally occurs once we uncover WHY we do what we do, WHY we hold on to that belief or habit.

Bodywork is for every-body. Every one of us developed patterns, ideas and behaviour that do not support us in feeling connected, comfortable and at home within ourselves and in the world. Exploring these patterns allow us to organically release their hold on ourself and bring more and more conscious awareness: you place your shadows in the light. There will be a time where you realize: NOW. This is my moment to look inwards. Whether the trigger is a burn-out, a broken relationships, or you just waking up one morning realizing you want more energy, that does not matter really.

‘Fix yourself’, becomes ‘find yourself’. You will grow into a more free, relaxed and resilient human, from the true intention to meet yourself in your full aliveness.

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